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What is Soul Marketplace?

Why should I sell here?

What does it cost to use Soul Marketplace?

How do I register?

How can I contact you?

Buyer’s FAQ

How do I make an Offer?

Why can’t I see or edit a field?

What are the steps to the checkout process?

I didn’t receive the item(s) I ordered, what do I do?

What if my item doesn’t match the seller’s description?

Should I buy products from unrated sellers?

How do I avoid fraud on Soul Marketplace?

Seller’s FAQ

How do I see my store as buyers will see it?

Are there any items prohibited from being sold on Soul Marketplace?

What happens when people buy my items? (TBD)

How do I improve my ratings?


What is Soul Marketplace?

Soul Marketplace is an online marketplace for buying and selling items. Our users buy and sell practically anything. We allow our customers to ‘make offers’ on products and instanteously know if their offer was accepted.  It ensures that our customers get some of the best deals on the web!


Why should I sell here?

Why, you're in luck because we've dedicated an entire page to that topic. Click here to learn what makes Soul Marketplace the best place to sell online.


What does it cost to use Soul Marketplace?

Buying on Soul Marketplace is free. Posting items for sale is free (including pictures). When you sell items, here is what you'll owe.


How do I register?

Click here.


How can I contact you?

Click here.


How do I make an offer?

Enter an amount into the field you’d like to offer.  Agree to pay if seller accepts your offer.  Upon acceptance it will automatically be added to your cart.  When you're done shopping, click "Checkout" on your cart to see the items you've added.

Once you have clicked "Checkout," all items in your cart will be grouped by seller. Depending on what options the seller allows, you may be allowed to edit any of the following options:

  • Payment type (Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover)
  • Shipping options
  • Quantity of items
  • Total offer price


Why Can't I See or Edit a field (TBD)

Here are some of the reasons that different offer parameters might not have the edit link show up next to them:

  • Item Quantity. If there's only one of the item, no quantity edit link will show up.
  • Shipping vs. Pickup. If you live near the business that is offering the product, you will see if they offer the option of picking up the product at their retail location when you get to the check-out process and select "pick-up" during the purchase process.
  • Offer Price. If no items in the offer have been set as negotiable by the seller, you cannot change the offer price.


What are the Steps Involved with the Checkout Process?  (TBD)

1.     See a summary of items you've added to your cart from each given seller.  Modify your cart as desired.  Make Offer products remain at list price unless/until you enter an offer that is accepted.

2.     (Only applicable to Guests ) Provide contact information so that the seller can contact you about the offer

3.     Provide shipping information

4.     Pay for your offer with Paypal or PayPal Visa/MasterCard option

5.     Paypal contacts Soul Marketplace to verify you paid, and all items are marked as "Sold"

6.     Offer complete


I Didn't Receive The Items I Ordered

Soul Marketplace is only responsible for products from our company store and not other sellers from the Marketplace.  You can always determine who is selling an item by clicking on the name of the seller of any individual product.  We are not involved in any transaction in the sellers’ stores.  We do not handle sales, receive payments, ship or provide refunds for these items.


Steps to take if you don't receive an item

If a product is labeled ‘Sold by Soul Marketplace’, Click here to report the issue to us. For all other products, follow the steps below:

1)     If you haven't already, contact the seller and request that they provide you the shipping tracking information that shows where the item is located. Many issues can be solved with a simple conversation.

If more than 10 days have passed since you reported the issue to the seller and the matter remains unresolved, open a case with PayPal(link)provided this was your payment source and work with them to resolve the matter.  Also, contact your credit card company if you used one via PayPal.

2)     Finally, report the issue to us.  While we cannot guarantee resolution or refund, we can support your effort to get the issue resolved and remove fraudulent sellers from the site.   Click here to report an item never received or potential fraud.  You can also click the ‘Report This’ link on the product detail page to report potential fraud.

3)    Leave honest feedback about your transaction, so future members can learn from your experience.


What If my item doesn't match the seller's description?

1)     Contact your seller. Because the item doesn't match the seller's description, the seller may offer you a partial refund to make up for the ways the item is different from the description or ask that you return the item for replacement or a full or partial refund. 

2)     If you receive no response, open a case with PayPal (provided this was your payment source and work with them to resolve the matter.


I’m interested in a product that’s being sold by an unrated seller.  How do I make sure I’m safe in making the purchase?

The best way to protect yourself is to ask the seller reasonable questions and see how well they respond.  Secondly, when you make your purchase use your credit card via PayPal so that you can file a claim if necessary.


How do I avoid Fraud on Soul Marketplace?

Soul Marketplace wants to help you avoid marketing scams and fraudulent transactions with the following simple tips:

1. DO NOT complete any purchase or send payments via Western Union or direct bank/wire transfer. Be cautious of sellers requesting cash or bank wire transfer payments.

2. If it's too good to be true, it probably is:  If an item is priced far below market, does not include an accurate description, and/or the seller cannot provide further details, insist on getting additional info before making your decision to purchase.

3. Check Ratings & Review Feedback: All users that have buy and/or sell history with the site will likely have feedback ratings left by the community. Evaluate the positive, negative, and neutral feedback in the seller’s transaction history. If there are no positive ratings or previous buyers have not received their items, be cautious of the seller and ask questions before making your purchase decision.

How do I see my store as buyers will see it?

After selecting My Account, you'll see the tab for My Store.  Select the link for View Store and this will display what your store looks like to customers.

Are there any items prohibited from being sold on Soul Marketplace?

Yes.  Please see the list of prohibited items.


How do I improve my ratings?

Some of the most basic things you can do are to provide accurate and consistent details about your item and to be clear and specific about the terms and conditions of the sale. You should also make every effort to provide excellent customer service from start to finish, including:

  • Charging reasonable shipping and handling costs
  • Specifying your handling time and return policy in your listing
  • Responding to buyers' questions promptly
  • Being professional throughout the transaction
  • Making sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in your listing
  • Frequently reviewing listings to make sure  all information—such as inventory status and item condition—is accurate and up to date